Community Curated


Powered by a DAO.

Unleash the Value of NFTs

For NFT collectors who are bored with hodling, Fraktal DAO unlocks the power of NFTs by enabling community driven investment, curation, and monetization.

Benefit from Powerful DAO Features


The easiest and most secure way to diversify NFT holdings.


Leverage fractional NFTs to vastly increase liquidity.

Income Generating

Create revenue streams directly from metaverse galleries.

How it Works

Tribute an NFT to the DAO in exchange for Shares

Curate the DAO Collection with the Community

Lease NFT Collections to Metaverse Galleries

Earn ETH from Galleries, Dapps, and Sales

Go Further Together

Collect, manage and grow together as a community of top collectors working towards disrupting the creative industry to put power back in the hands of artists and individuals.

Invest alongside the top collectors in the industry

Curate and manage high value NFTs with an amazing community

Experience the metaverse like never before through DAO Galleries

Generate income from idle NFTs