Fractional NFT


Governed by a DAO

Fractional NFTs enable artists to take full control of their creations

Sell a portion of royalty rights directly to fans and investors to get cash fast

Receive royalties transparently in real-time to avoid losing any of your hard earned money

Create highly profitable new revenue streams by collaborating with metaverse galleries

Projects Using the Fraktal Protocol

Fraktal Marketplace

Mint, Buy and Sell fractional NFTs on Arbitrum and distribute royalty revenue transparently and securely


The first NFT AMM on arbitrum creating Liquidity, on-chain pricing, and LP incentives for NFTs


Coming in 2022, a plug-in to store fractional NFTs in DAO Banks to streamline ownership rights

Fraktal DAO

The Fraktal DAO enables stakeholders and artists to have a voice in the governance of the Fraktal ecosystem and share in the profits

Manage the FRAK Token Treasury and have full control over how capital is deployed

Earn transaction fees from the marketplace and generate passive income from the NFT ecosystem

Have ownership and control of the underlying technology which powers the massive Content Economy of tomorrow